tat too or not tat too…that is the question

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February 11, 2014 by shitpetesays

Have you been thinking about getting a tattoo? Are you worried about how you’ll be judged? Do you think it’ll affect your career?

These are all common, very valid concerns most people have when it comes to tattoos. For some people tattoos mean bikies, rebellion and violence. And so the vicious cycle of stereotypes continues.

This stereotype isn’t helped with the increase in general, non-bikie related violence in our society where many of the offenders coincidentally have tattoos and have clearly spent time in gyms and appear to have benefit from some illicit muscle enhancing substances.

But the reality is, tattoos aren’t about bikies, rebellion and violence. Tattoos are a true art form, albeit there’s some horrifying ‘art’ around these days. We lovers of tattoos choose to permanently mark our bodies with the ink of artists to express who we are, the things we love and the experiences we’ve had.

The art has evolved significantly over the years. Gone are the days of everyday prison style tattoos, some simple lines, maybe a phrase and some barbed wire wrapping around an arm. 

Artists of today are creating pieces that can only be described as incredible. They’re amazing. The realism, dimension, texture, depth and tone these people achieve with some ink and a tattoo gun clearly demonstrates their undeniable talent. 

I challenge you to associate the work of Nikko Hurtado, a king in the realm of realism, with bikies and violence. 

Instagram - @nikkohurtado

Instagram – @nikkohurtado

Instagram - @nikkohurtado

Instagram – @nikkohurtado

Instagram - @nikkohurtado

Instagram – @nikkohurtado

Although not my preferred style, I’d be shocked if you found any correlation between abstract tattoos and the Sons of Anarchy for example. 



So given tattoos are far more common place these days and don’t automatically register you as a bikie, why do so many people have issues with them? Why are they frowned upon in some workplaces? Why do some bars refuse entry if you have ink?

On the flipside of these backward thinking places, I’ve come across a few that encourage and will even only employ people with visible ink. Cafe’s and hairdressers are starting to fill up with inked people – I love it! The rest of you, catch up! Tattoos don’t change us as people, at least not in a negative way.

My only gripe about tattoos is they’re no longer a niche, they’re not as “cool” because so many people have them now.

Something I’ve learned over the years and several tattoos later is that not every one of them has to have a significant meaning. You can just like the look of them and that can be reason enough to get it.

So don’t be scared to express yourself through tattoos. Use them to tell your story.

— Pete @ Shit Pete Says —

(This should not be taken as life advice, everyone’s circumstances are different)

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